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Future events

Past Events

Optimal Control of Pandemics. Oct.12, 2020

DOCKNER LECTURES: April 10, 2019 - Prof. Ngo Van Long (McGill University). International oligopoly with public investments in trade-facilitating infrastructure: a differential game. (abstract in pdf-format)

CALLIA: Open Inter-DSO electricity markets for RES integration.  Feb. 14, 2019,  Program

14th Viennese Conference on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games  (VC2018) July 3-6, 2018 - TU Wien

 Viennese Vintage Workshop 2016 (VVW16)  - Dec. 1-2, 2016

13th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games (VW2015) May 13-16, 2015 - TU Wien

Viennese Vintage Workshop 2013 (VVW13) - Nov. 25-26, 2013

Granting of the Golden Doctorate of the University of Vienna to Prof.em.Dr.Gustav Feichtinger - March 21, 2013, TU Wien, Festival Hall. TU-News

12th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics (VW12)  May 30 - June 02, 2012 - TU Wien

Workshop "Economic Growth and the Environment" - December 8, 2011

Workshop dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Gustav Feichtinger - October 22, 2010

Viennese Vintage Workshop 2009 (VVW09) - December 4-5, 2009

10th Viennese Workshop on OCDGND, May 2008 (Retirement of Gustav Feichtinger)

Viennese Vintage Workshop 2007 (VVW07) - November 26-27, 2007

The Mathematics of Public Security (MAPUSE II) - November 19-20, 2007

The Mathematics of Public Security (MAPUSE) - April 7, 2006

   Viennese Vintage Workshop 2005 (VVW05) - November 24-25, 2005

Viennese Vintage Workshop 2003 (VVW03) - October 27-28, 2003

   8th Viennese Workshop on OCDGND, 2003

7th Viennese Workshop on OCDGND, 2000

6th Viennese Workshop on OCDGND, 1997



Past Research Seminars

Seminars 2017

04.04.2017Prof. Marc Quincampoix (Universite de Bretagne Occidentale). Differential Games with incomplete asymmetric information on the initial condition. (abstract in pdf-format)

09.05.2017Prof. Bernt  Øksendal (University of Oslo). Optimal insider control of stochastic partial differential equations, with applications to optimal harvesting and optimal insider portfolio under noisy observations. (abstract in pdf-format)

18.12.2017Prof. E. Kaplan (Yale School of Management, USA). Approximating The FCFS Stochastic Matching Model With Ohm's Law. (abstract in pdf-format)


Seminars 2016

19.01.2016  Prof. Stefan Pickl and Dr. Martin Zsifkovits, (Universität der Bundeswehr München). Simulation and Optimization of Critical Infrastructures PUMA - Public Management Analytics.(abstract in pdf-format)

26.01.2016  Linda Kuil (TU Wien). Conceptualizing socio-hydrological drought processes: the rise and fall of the Ancient Maya civilization.(abstract in pdf-format)

28.01.2016   Prof. Le Yi Wang (Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan). Networked Control Systems and Distributed Power Dispatch of Scalable Microgrids. (abstract in pdf-format)

19.04.2016   Prof. Asen Dontchev (University of Michigan) - Regularity and conditioning of variational problems. (abstract in pdf-format)

10.05.2016   Prof. Alessandra Buratto (Univ. of Padova, Italy) - Differential game with a non differentiable point for a sport licensing contract.  (abstract in pdf-format)

16.06.2016   Johanna Grames (TU Wien). Modelling the interaction between flooding events and economic growth (abstract in pdf-format)

30.08.2016   Prof. Michael P. Polis (Oakland University, USA). Balanced Control Strategies for Interconnected Heterogeneous Battery Systems in Smart Grid Applications. (abstract in pdf-format)

04.10.2016   Prof. Klaus Wälde (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz).  In search of an optimal boundary condition: dynamic programming vs optimal control. (abstract in pdf-format)

18.10.2016   Dr. Valeriya Lykina  (TU Wien). Infinite horizon optimal control problems in weighted functional spaces. (abstract in pdf-format)

25.10.2016   Dr. Mathias Staudigl  (Maastricht University). On the convergence of continuous-time mirror descent with noisy gradient observations. (abstract in pdf-format)


Seminars 2015

13.01.2015   Prof. Alexey Davydov (Vladimir State University, Russia) - Singularities of parametric optimization and their applications (abstract in pdf-format)

31.03.2015  Dr. Radek Cibulka (University of West Bohemia ) -  On parametric generalized equations  (abstract in pdf-format)

05.05.2015   Prof. Nikos Stilianakis (Joint Research Center, European Commisssion, ISPRA, Italy) - Transmission dynamics of airborn infectious diseases

22.09.2015   Prof. Nikolai Osmolovski (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, Poland) - On Second-Order Optimality Conditions for Discontinuous Optimal Controls (abstract in pdf-format)

13.10.2015   Andreas Widder (TU Wien) - A short excursion in mathematical epidemiology (abstract in pdf-format)

20.10.2015   Prof. Asen Dontchev (TU Wien and University of Michigan) - Newton methods for variational inequalities (abstract in pdf-format)

27.10.2015   Prof. Mikhail Krastanov (Sofia University, Bulgaria) - Stabilizing of an anaerobic digestion model (abstract in pdf-format)

09.11.2015   Prof. Ferenc Szidarovszky (University of Pecs, Hungary) - Dynamic economic systems with time delays (abstract in pdf-format)

10.11.2015   Dr. Masoud Ahookhosh (University of Vienna) - Accelerated gradient methods for large-scale nonsmooth convex optimization (abstract in pdf-format)

17.11.2015   Dr. Radek Cibulka (University of West Bohemia) - On primal regularity estimates for single-valued and set-valued mappings (abstract in pdf-format)


Seminars 2014

14.01.2014  Prof. Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger and Prof. Birgit Bednar-Friedl (Univ. Graz) and Priv.Doz. Dr. Doris Behrens (Univ. Klagenfurt) - Sustainable Urban Development as a Dynamic Economic System (abstract in pdf-format)

Prof. Pavol Brunovsky
(Comenius University, Bratislava) and
Prof. Mikulas Luptacik (
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and University of Economics in Bratislava)
- Optimal Fiscal Policy under Debt Constraint  (abstract in pdf-format)

11.03.2014  Dr. Mathias Staudigl (University of Bielefeld) - Large deviations and Stochastic stability in games  (abstract in pdf-format) 

01.04.2014  Prof. Rudolf Zimka (Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia) - On the converse of Hartwick´s result in a multi-dimensional model of an economy with exhaustible resources (abstract in pdf-format)

29.04.2014  Prof. Stefano Demichelis (Univ. Pavia, Italy) - Topological methods in evolutionary game theory (abstract in pdf-format)

18.09.2014,  Dr. Radek Cibulka (University of West Bohemia) - Metric regularity and convergence of iterative schemes (abstract in pdf-format)

14.10.2014,  Prof. Moshe Kress (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA) - Finding the Needles in the Haystack: Efficient Intelligence Processing (abstract in pdf-format)

17.10.2014,  Prof. Peter Kort (Tilburg University, Netherlands) - Comparative Advantages of Additive Manufacturing (abstract in pdf-format)

21.10.2014,  Dr. Dieter Grass (TU Wien and Univ. Klagenfurt) - Optimal management and spatial pattern formation in a distributed shallow lake model (abstract in pdf-format)

28.10.2014,   Prof. Vladimir Veliov (TU Wien) - Optimal control on infinite time-horizon: the maximum principle revisited (abstract in pdf-format)

25.11.2014,  Prof. Yu.A. Kuznetsov (Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod) - Some mathematical models of economic growth with accumulation of human capital (abstract in pdf-format)

17.12.2014,  Prof. Willi Semmler (New School for Social Research, New York) - Nonlinear Liquidity-Growth Dynamics with Corridor-Stability (abstract in pdf-format)


Seminars 2013

15.01.2013  Prof. Peter Kort (Tilburg University, NL)
- Optimal firm growth under the threat of entry.
- Inventory model with pricing and inventory-dependent demand  (abstracts in pdf-format)

28.01.2013  Prof.Asen L. Dontchev (Mathematical Reviews and the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI) - Implicit function theorems and stability of equilibria (abstract in pdf-format)

09.04.2013  Mrs. Magdalena Six (University of Vienna) - Optimal management of stock pollution when discount rates are endogenous (abstract in pdf-format)

07.05.2013  Prof. Franz Schuster (Vienna University of Technology) - Affine vs. Euclidean Isoperimetric Inequalities (abstract in pdf-format)

14.05.2013  Prof. Ivar Ekeland (Université Paris-Dauphine)  - Modelling limited liability (abstract in pdf-format)

15.10.2013  Dr. Elza Farkhi (Tel-Aviv University) - The One-Sided Lipschitz Condition for Differential Inclusions (abstract in pdf-format)

22.10.2013  Martin Kerndler (TU Wien and Vienna Graduate School of Economics) - The twin hypothesis of education and retirement (abstract in pdf-format)

05.11.2013  Prof. Sebastian ANITA (University of Iasi, Romania) -Stabilization of some reaction-diffusion systems with state constraints (abstract in pdf-format)

12.11.2013  Prof. Florian Wagener (University of Amsterdam) - Geometrical and numerical methods to study Markov-perfect Nash equilibria of differential games (abstract in pdf-format)

19.11.2013  David Hirschmann (University of Vienna) - Doping and cheating under random inspections in continuous time (abstract in pdf-format)

19.12.2013  Prof. Edward H. Kaplan (Yale School of Management, USA) - Adventures in policy modeling (abstract in pdf-format,  official invitation)


Seminars 2012

16.01.2012   Prof. Lars Grüne (University of Bayreuth) - Economic MPC without Terminal Constraints  (abstract in pdf-format) 

02.05.2012  Prof. Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University, Detroit, USA) - Optimal control of the sweeping process (abstract in pdf-format)

22.10.2012  Prof. Immanuel Bomze (Applied Mathematics and Statistics, University of Vienna) - A nasty cone with nice properties - new issues in copositive optimization (abstract in pdf-format)

05.11.2012  Prof. Moshe Kress (Operations Research Dept., Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA) - Modeling Insurgencies (abstract in pdf-format)

16.11.2012  Prof. Thorsten Upmann and Dr. Stefan Behringer (University of Duisburg-Essen and University of Heidelberg, Germany) - Optimal Harvesting of a Spatial Renewable Resource (abstract in pdf-format)

03.12.2012  Prof. Pavel Brunovsky (Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics Comenius University, Bratislava) - A singular differential equation for the value function of an optimal problem of a speculator (abstract in pdf-format)

17.12.2012  Prof.V.I.Gurman (Ailamazyan Program Systems Institute of  RAS, Russia) - Optimal Innovative Strategies of sustainable Development  (abstract in pdf-format)


Seminars 2011

14.01.2011   Prof.  Ronald Wendner (University of Graz,  Austria) -  Conspicuous Consumption and Generation Replacement in BY-OLG and RA Models (abstract in pdf-format)

26.01.2011   Prof. Asen Dontchev (AMS and University of Michigan) - Control Theoretic Splines with Constraints (abstract in pdf-format)

31.01.2011   Prof. Anastasios Xepapadeas (Athens Univ. for Economics and Business) - Spatial Energy Balance Climate Models and the Economics of Climate Change  (abstract in pdf-format)

16.02.2011   Dr. Yuri Yegorov (BWZ, University of Vienna)  - Dynamic Optimization Models with Natural Gas  (abstract in pdf-format)

22.03.2011   Dr. Anton Belyakov - Averaging in the Standard Form Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations  (abstract in pdf-format)

29.03.2011   Prof. Stefan Thurner - Recent research at the Section for Science of Complex Systems at the Medical University of Vienna (abstract in pdf-format)

16.10.2011   Prof. R. Tyrrell Rockafellar (University of Washington)- Stability of Economic Equilibrium (abstract in pdf-format)

14.11.2011   Prof. Marc Quincampoix (University of Brest, France) - On existence of a limit average value for a optimal control problem with horizon tending to infinity (abstract in pdf-format) 


Seminars 2010

01.02.2010   Saeed Moghayer - Genesis of indifference thresholds and infinitely many indifference points in discrete time infinite horizon optimisation problems

11.02.2010   Prof. Hubertus Jongen - Nonconvex Optimization: The Min-Max Graph (abstract in PDF-Format)

26.03.2010   Prof. Nikos Stilianakis - Dynamics of infectious disease transmission by inhalable respiratory droplets (abstract in PDF-Format)

20.04.2010   Dr. Andrea Seidl - An approach to numerical solution of optimal control problems

18.05.2010   Prof. Ewa Weinmüller - Numerical Treatment of Singular Implicit BVPs (abstract in PDF-Format)

12.08.2010   Prof. Cagri Saglam (Bilkent University, Ankara) - Infrastructure investment and growth dynamics.

06.09.2010   Prof. Narcisa Apreutesei (Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iasi, Romania) - Reaction-diffusion equations from population dynamics  with nonlocal consumption of resources (abstract in pdf-format)

13.10.2010   Prof.  Rudolf Zimka (Department of Quantitative Methods and Informatics, Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University, Slovakia) - On Dynamics in a Two-regional Model (abstract in pdf-format)

03.11.2010   Dr. Dieter Grass  - Bifurcations of an Optimally Controlled Slow Fast Dynamics: Fishery in a Coral Reef System (abstract in pdf-format)

08.11.2010   Prof. Armon Rezai (WU Wien) - Global Warming and Economic Externalities - Armon Rezai, Duncan Foley, and Lance Taylor (abstract in pdf-format)

29.11.  02.12.2010  Tony Huschto, Jon Caulkins: Seminar on Multistage Models

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