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Conference program

The scientific program will begin on Tuesday, July 3 at 8:30 and will end on Friday, July 6 at 17:40.

The slots for the talks will be 25 min. long, including time for questions and change of speakers.
Thus 20 min. is the wished duration of the talks.

The Program Overview contains the updated program while the Conference Book contains the printed version of the program.


The following changes have been made:

Session 31 and 41: exchange of places - Wollner is now in Session 41 and Meyer in Session 31

Session 27 and 32: exchange of places - Kogan is now in Session 32 and Wu in Session 27

Session 61: Bonnans has cancelled, Zhang Yufei will present the paper "A penalty scheme and policy iteration for nonlocal HJB variational inequalities with monotone drivers"  at 16:00.

Session 80 and 85: exchange of places - Wen is now in Session 80 and Sordi in Session 85

Session 84: Thera has cancelled. Maruyama will present at 16:50.

Session 49: Brunovsky has cancelled. Pickenhain will present the paper "Infinite horizon control, optimality, stationarity, asymptotic controllability".

Session 37: Quaas has cancelled. Uecker will present at 14:25.

Session 61: Sulem has cancelled, Picarelli will present the paper "Error bounds for monotone schemes for parabolic Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations in  bounded domains".



Program Overview (updated July 03, 2018)

Conference Book (printed version)