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Special Sessions

 (submission only after invitation by one of the following session-organizers)


Y. Averboukh, D. Gromov - Sub-optimal solutions in games and control

R. Baier, E. Farkhi - Approximation of Differential Inclusions and Control Problems

E. Bandini, F. Gozzi, G. Fabbri - Infinite dimensional stochastic modeling in economics and finance

S. Behringer, T. Upmann - Spatially distributed harvesting

S. Behringer,  T. Upmann - Spatial Resource and Environmental Economics and Dynamic Games

R. Cibulka, F. Aragon - Variational analysis in optimization (In honor of A.L.Dontchev)

M. Falcone, V. Simoncini - Model order reduction in control and optimization

S. Federico, G. Ferrari, T. De Angelis - Optimal stopping, singular and impulse control and their applications

S. Federico, M. Maggis - Stochastic control and optimization in finance

H. Frankowska, M. Quincampoix - New trends in theory of stochastic control

A. Fuernkranz-Prskawetz, M. Sanchez - Ageing and inequality

F. Gozzi, S. Faggian, G. Fabbri - PDE-constrained optimization in economics

L. Gruene - Turnpike properties for ODEs and PDEs: theory and applications

N. Hayek , S. Pickenhain - Infinite horizon optimal control and applications

B. Heijdra, P. Heijnen - Dynamic economic policy

M. Kopel - Dynamic Games in Industrial Organization

P. Kort - Real options

R. Kovacevic - Shape optimization

M. Kuhn - Dynamics of health and health care

C. Langbort, J. Marecek, R. Shorten -  Information provision and signalling games

U. Ledzewicz, M.R. de Pinho - Application of optimal control to problems in biomedicine

A. Picarelli, C. Reisinger - Modeling and Computational Methods for Financial Applications

A. Roesch, J. Pfefferer - Numerical analysis for PDE constrained optimization

W. Semmler, M. Gross - Regime Change Modeling in Economics and Finance

T. Trimborn - Non-standard preferences, Discounting, and Time Inconsistency

P. Wolenski, H. Zidani - Variational Analysis and Optimal Control Problems

K. Worthmann, K. Chudej - Model Based Control: Analysis and Modelling

S. Wrzaczek - Dynamic games in economics