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Viennese Vintage Workshop 2003

October 27-28, 2003

Age-Structured Models in Population Dynamics and Economics

The Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Econometrics, Operations Research and Systems Theory of the Vienna University of Technology, organizes an International Workshop on Vintage Models between October 27-28, 2003.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together specialists in the theory and in different areas of application of age- and/or duration-structured dynamical systems. Among them are demography, economics, sociology, epidemiology, ecology and others. The following topics are of special interest:

-    Dynamics and control of human populations
-    Descriptive and control models in population economics
-    Vintage models of capital accumulation and labour distribution
-    Structured epidemiological models and control of infectious diseases
-    Structured dynamic models in social sciences.

Being the one of the most important variables in population dynamics, age is an essential source of heterogeneity. The cohort concept is fundamental for demography, sociology and other disciplines. In epidemiology the duration since the infection might be a crucial indicator for the efficiency of treatment and vaccination strategies. The vintage structure at the capital plays an important role in the interaction of ageing and technological progress. Many ecological and environmental issues include age and duration variables.

Beside of descriptive models normative approaches for systems described by McKendrick equations and their extensions are of particular interest. The qualitative and the numerical analysis of such distributed control problems involve appropriate maximum principles and numerical approximation tools that will be also discussed at the workshop.

Program Committee
Prof. Dr. Gustav Feichtinger (Vienna Universiyt of Technology)
Dr. Vladimir Veliov (Vienna University of Technology)
Dr. Christian Almeder (Vienna University of Technology)

Here you can download the abstracts (pdf)