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Special Sessions


R. Baier, E. Farkhi - Set-Valued Numerics and Control

R. Boucekkine - Transitional dynamics in endogenous growth models

R. Boucekkine - Dynamic games models of institutional change

M.C. Camacho, C. Saglam - Non-monotonic dynamics in Economics

M.C. Camacho, C. Saglam - Growing economies and the environment

R. Cibulka  - Set-valued and variational analysis

M. Falcone and H. Zidani - Stochastic control and applications

G. Feichtinger, A. Seidl, G. Tragler - Economics of crime

U. Felgenhauer, W. Alt - Stability and numerical methods for optimal control

M. Fornasier, G. Albi - Mean-field models and control of multi-agent systems

F. Gozzi, S. Faggian - Optimal control in finite and infinite dimension and application to economics

P. Kort  - Real options

M. Kuhn, S. Wrzaczek  -  Health care

L. Lambertini - Pollution abatement in dynamic oligopoly games

M. Milasi, M. Donato - Variational inequalities and applications in economics

A. Prskawetz, K. Prettner - Economic Growth and Demographic Change

A. Rösch, I. Neitzel - PDE-constrained optimization

W. Semmler - Economics of Climate Change

T. Upmann, S. Behringer -  Harvesting

F. Wagener - Optimal management in complex environments

S. Wrzaczek - Regime switching in differential games

G. Zaccour - Differential games in marketing and operations

G. Zaccour - Differential games in environmental economics

G. Zaccour - Cooperation in differential games

A. Zaslavski - Infinite horizon optimal control and mathematical economics

A. Zaslavski - Singularities and optimality conditions in control theory

Poster Session

Due to the limited amount of talks at this conference we offer the possibility of poster presentations.
Posters should be submitted till March 31, 2015, in PDF format and should not be longer than 4 A4-pages.
Participants with poster presentations will receive a certificate for their contribution to the conference program.