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Submission of Abstracts (closed)

Please, download theLaTeX-template and use it for writing your abstract (not longer than half a page).
The file-name must contain the name of the speaker and should NOT be entitled "vienna.tex" or something like that.

The 13th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games uses ConfTool, a conference management software, to handle the registration and abstract submission.


I) Create a Database User Account

If you already hold a ConfTool user account, log-in with your user name and password at "Registered Users" and click on "Your Submissions" at the overview page of your ConfTool account.

Otherwise please create a ConfTool User Account at the ConfTool-login-page:

Select the link "Register New" (new database user) and follow the instructions given there.
Please enter your full name and address, and provide a valid e-mail address, as these details are required to contact you. Each e-mail-address is valid for one user-account only.
If your secretary creates the user account for you, the record of the participant should be entered as these data are necessary for the participant list and the list of abstracts.
The e-mail address of the secretary could be entered at the "Personal Assistant E-mail (cc E-mail)" field. In that case, both you as participant and your secretary will get the confirmation e-mails.


II) Please choose "Submit and Begin With Submission of Contribution" and follow the instructions given there.


III) Register for the conference within the stated deadline.
To start the conference-registration process, please click on "Register as Participant" at the overview page of your ConfTool account.


Loginpage for online-registration, abstract-submission and poster-submission: