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ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus

In order to achieve Europe’s energy targets, the enablement of grid-secure integration of RES at all voltage levels is one of the major challenges. Curtailment need to be limited while respecting the grid’s transfer capacity and limiting grid reinforcement investments.
In the Callia project, we will combine the learnings from multiple regional demonstration and R&D projects to develop and pilot a grid operational management approach, based on local DSO area balancing and implementation of agent-based RES components, combined with improved DSO-TSO coordination supplemented with (cross-border) inter-DSO power exchanges. The latter will reduce the strain on the TSO-DSO connection points, but above all limits losses by enabling the balancing of local production and consumption in adjacent regions without the need of crossing all voltage levels in an up-horizontal-down trajectory.
The project results will be validated both in co-simulations and a pilot of the RES-DSO-TSO interfaces.

Problem to be solved, initial situation:
The increasing potential and need for RES integration leads to the following problems to be solved in the Callia project: (1) Till now there are no regulations for business cases for energy trading between DSOs – directly via new DSODSO energy peering points or via already existing DSO – TSO transport links. This impedes the development of new business cases and investments. (2) Till now there is no regulation about a true market related trading with the two relevant goods: energy presumption and energy transport.

Planned goals and approaches:
The Callia objectives are derived from the objectives of the European “Energy 2020 strategy: towards a low carbon economy” by improving the potential for RES integration by using the inter-DSO flexibility potentials. Project results already achieved by the partners and running projects will be combined complementary with Callia.
Available solutions (models, communications, tools) for vertical intra-DSO energy trading chains prosumer – aggregator – DSO will be enhanced for the inter-DSO power trading. A special Callia innovation will be a differentiation between trading of power transport and power prosumption (transactive energy approach). The pilot will validate the results in a lab and field trial. The trials will show how the inter-DSO energy exchange generates a higher potential for RES integration using the inter-DSO flexibility potentials resulting in a convergence of the multiple-win trading game. The dissemination and exploitation will derive conclusions for regulations.